Renovation request for brake calipers

Here you can request an offer for the renovation and repair of your own brake calipers. Our renovation of brake calipers delivers the same level of quality as newly produces brake calipers. If you have a specific request you can contact us directly. If you want to buy renovated brake calipers you can see our assortment on our webshop.

Renovation of brake calipers

Renovation Request Form
Please fill out the following form to request an offer for a repair or paint job of your brake calipers. Note that the request is not binding and we will inform you about the prices and delivery option upon further contact.
Contact email of the customer.
Phone number of the customer (Please include country codes)
The country from where the brakes will be sent and later delivered to.
The make of the car, on which the brakes are installed.
The model of the car, on which the brakes are installed.
The vintage of the car, on which the brakes are installed.
Further information about the brake calipers (OE no., Budweg no. or specific details)
The number of calipers wanted to be serviced (If more than ten, write the number in the "Furher information" field)
The service you want us to provide.
Choose the color you want your calipers to be painted in if you haven't chosen paint job, just pick "None" (For reference visit our website)